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Amateur services

Section I. Amateur Service

S25.1   § 1.      Radiocommunications between amateur stations of different countries shall be forbidden if the administration of one of the countries concerned has notified that it objects to such radiocommunications.

S25.2   § 2.    1) When transmissions between amateur stations of different countries are permitted, they shall be made in plain language and shall be limited to messages of a technical nature relating to tests and to remarks of a personal character for which, by reason of their unimportance, recourse to the public telecommunications service is not justified.

S25.3             2) It is absolutely forbidden for amateur stations to be used for transmitting international communications on behalf of third parties.

S25.4             3) The preceding provisions may be modified by special arrangements between the administrations of the countries concerned.

S25.5   § 3.    1) Any person seeking a licence to operate the apparatus of an amateur station shall prove that he is able to send correctly by hand and to receive correctly by ear, texts in Morse code signals. The administrations concerned may, however, waive this requirement in the case of stations making use exclusively of frequencies above 30 MHz.

S25.6             2) Administrations shall take such measures as they judge necessary to verify the operational and technical qualifications of any person wishing to operate the apparatus of an amateur station.

S25.7   § 4.    The maximum power of amateur stations shall be fixed by the administrations concerned, having regard to the technical qualifications of the operators and to the conditions under which these stations are to operate.

S25.8   § 5.    1) All the general rules of the Convention, the Convention and of these Regulations shall apply to amateur stations. In particular, the emitted frequency shall be as stable and as free from spurious emissions as the state of technical development for such stations permits.

S25.9             2) During the course of their transmissions, amateur stations shall transmit their call sign at short intervals.

Section II. Amateur-Satellite Service

S25.10   § 6.    The provisions of Section I of this Article shall apply equally, as appropriate, to the amateur-satellite service.

S25.11   § 7.    Space stations in the amateur-satellite service operating in bands shared with other services shall be fitted with appropriate devices for controlling emissions in the event that harmful interference is reported in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article S15. Administrations authorizing such space stations shall inform the Bureau and shall ensure that sufficient earth command stations are established before launch to guarantee that any harmful interference which might be reported can be terminated by the authorizing administration (see No. S22.1).



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